Transitional Housing in Atlanta - Our Framework

The J&S Brown Urban Housing Developers Communications Plan provides an overall framework and specific protocols for internal and external engagement, namely areas in the city of Atlanta.

Objectives include the institution of dynamic and transparent information-sharing tools, clearly defined roles and responsibilities, proactive communication, internal collaboration, and public trust, whether it be through partnerships or corporate sponsorships. The Plan reflects input from the founder of J&S Brown UHD, Jewel J Brown and Sadik Lee Brown.

As expected, additional input will be given as a Board of Trustees will be assembled in the future. While the proposition reflects the current broad of the suite of tools and techniques in the communications aspect, it is presented as a “living document” which will require periodic updates to ensure J&S Brown UHD' communications integrate new capabilities and respond to evolving community priorities.

As mentioned, the J&S Brown UHD Communications Plan provides a framework for sharing and seeking information related to transitional housing in the city of Atlanta GA. The framework is built upon and around four major goals:

1. Home ownership consultation services

2. Affordable housing schemes

3. Construction of Community Buildings, Educational Institutes, Parks and More

4. Community Preservation


The vision of J&S Brown UHD for nonprofits is “to create, recreate, maintain a society which is affordable for each citizen without any discrimination of race, religion, ethnicity, class, finances, and any other. J&S BROWN UHD for nonprofits thrives to provide equal opportunities to all citizens of not only Atlanta, but other cities and states, related to acquiring homes, land ownership, loans, and any other benefit offered by J&S Brown UHD for nonprofits.”

About J&S Brown Urban Housing Developers

Established 2021, we are a family nonprofit organization run by Jewel J Brown Founder and the Sadik Brown Co-Founder. J&S Brown UHD for nonprofits has a passion for making our society a better place to live peacefully. We decided to become real estate developers because we knew it would make a positive impact on lives of many.

A portrait of the J&S Brown UHD founder, Jewel J. Brown

About the founder:
Jewel J Brown

She started her journey in the real estate industry in 2015. She worked part-time with a real estate investor and did wholesaling for a while. As she ran her hair salon business of 15 yrs. (Hair by Jewel Salon).  Jewel also is a single mother  she understand the hardship of what single mothers face. Jewel has always been a person to help women either with their image or giving them work when they are in need. Now she want to give them the tools to change their lives for the better.

This nonprofit was established to honor Jewel’s late father Ruben Lee Brown, who believed in making our community better. He give jobs to the men who were hanging out on the street corners.  He used to say that we can’t change the lives of people but can motivate them or help them to change.

Mother and Son Together We Can Make a Change

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We provide a strong support to single mothers

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